High Fat Foods You Should Be Eating

high fat foodsFat has been a subject of many misconceptions. Many people think all fat is bad and should be avoided altogether. Contrary to what you might have heard, your body needs fat. Your tissues need fat. Absorption of certain nutrients is impossible without fat. Fat also cushions your internal organs. However, you need to get fat from the right sources.


A piece of avocado contains roughly 30 grams of fat, two-thirds of which (20 grams) is monounsaturated fat. Monounsaturated fat is one of the best types of fat. It helps lower bad cholesterol and keeps belly fat at bay. It has great benefits for you.


The fat in coconut does not result in plaques in arteries. That is contrary to what medical experts used to say about it. More than half of the lipid content of coconut oil is saturated fat, and that raised worries about its effects on the cardiovascular health. Latter studies, however, revealed that this saturated fat is lauric acid. The tricky thing about lauric acid is it raises good cholesterol levels. Good cholesterol is good news for your heart and arteries.


All nuts are great sources of fat, but almonds are probably the best because of their low calorie content. An ounce of almonds has 14 grams of fat. More than two-thirds of it is monounsaturated. Another great choice is walnuts. Both almonds and walnuts make for great in-between snacks. You sprinkle them on your salads or baked chicken. Both are also great sources of omega-3 fat and protein. If you must help yourself to nuts, eat them raw, not roasted in oil.


The best source of good fat is salmon. Aside from the fact that it is rich in protein, as other fishes are, it is rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat. More than half of the fat you find in salmon is monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. On top of that, you get a good dose of omega-3 fatty acids. You don’t need to eat salmon every day. Two servings per week are good enough. If you don’t find salmon in the market, other options are tuna, mackerel, herring, trout, and sardines.


Your salad can benefit from olives, and you don’t need too many. Ten large olives give you 5 grams of fat, 70% of which is monounsaturated. That makes olives one of the best sources of monounsaturated fat. You don’t like olives? Pour in olive oil instead. Just a bit of olive oil is enough. Note that a tablespoon of it has 13 grams of fat. It’s very good fat though, the type that lowers blood cholesterol and LDL. In addition, studies show that olive oil aids in proper blood clotting, regulates insulin, and controls blood sugar. So trade your butter and margarine for olive oil.


You know you can always toss flaxseed into your salads and smoothies. A tablespoon of it has 4 grams of fat. One gram of that is monounsaturated, while another three is polyunsaturated.


You didn’t think eggs would be part of the list. A large egg has 5 grams of fat with 2 grams of monounsaturated fat and 1 gram of polyunsaturated fat. That is aside from the fact that eggs are rich in protein, B-complex, and choline. Your heart and brain will thank you.

Finding Motivation To Workout

I am really motivated to get healthy. Yet, I am having the hardest time motivating myself for exercise. I know that it sounds silly, but it is true. I mean, I know all about the benefits of exercise when trying to lose weight and get healthy. And I know that I can start out taking it slow, but man, just actually getting started is proving to be a real pain the ass for me.

I have been thinking a lot about this over the past few days. And my conclusions is that maybe I am going about this thing all wrong. You see, my apartment complex has a pretty nice gym that I can use for free. And it has good hours that make it available at pretty much any time that you’d want to use it – even on Sundays. The only problem is that the building with the gym is rather far from the building where I live. No big deal, right? Easy way to get in a walk before working out, right? Well, that is a great thought except it is freezing here and it actually snowed a few days ago!

basically, there is no freaking way that I want to be walking out in the snow and freezing cold to go workout for a half hour or so. And, that is the exact reason that I have been so not motivated to work out at all. I mean, who would want to go through that to get to the gym. And yeah, I could drive over to it like a wimp, but I don’t have a garage so my car would also be freezing cold. Pretty dumb, huh?

Well, once I realized that was the thing holding me back last night. I decided that I needed to come up with some type of solution, at least until the weather is a little better for me walking over there. So, after doing some looking around online, I realized that there are some things that I can actually do at home to get fit without actually needing to head over to the gym. I mean, sure, I could get a much better cardio workout if I could get over there and use some of the machines to really get my heart pumping. But, I can boost my heart rate a little bit right here in my own apartment. All I have to do is move around some of the furniture in the living room so that I have more space.

So, today, I will end my streak of telling myself that I will workout and not actually doing it. Instead, I will get my workout going on right here in my living room. Hopefully I don’t hurt myself! ;)

Are Your Weight Loss Goals Realistic?

Back when I was losing weight the first time around, I had one goal. Actually is was more like one focus as it wasn’t exactly a goal. Maybe it was really an unhealthy obsession now that I think about it. I wanted to get down to 120 pounds and be skinny. Think about it – what is that magical number that you always hear people talking being the most attractive or perfect weight for women? Yup, it is 120 pounds and that is why I wanted to reach that number on the scale.

Well, guess what folks? When you start out weighing over 200 pounds, it is damn hard to get down to 120 pounds. What’s more is that depending on things like your height, your muscle mass and even your genes makes how much weight that you can lose and even look healthy vary from one person to the next. In fact, some of us just are not designed to get down to 120 pounds. And I am one of those people, which is probably a good thing because it would not be a very healthy weight for me. Fortunately, this is something that I know now and will not be focusing on here in round two of my weight loss journey.

So, how does one come up with a healthy goal weight? Well, look at it like this. Plenty of doctor’s out there say that about 1 to 2 pounds a week is a healthy way to lose weight. Granted, those first few weeks of weight loss will likely see you drop a lot of pounds – the heavier you start out, then the more you will lose quickly at the beginning. But for the long haul, really aim for this one to two pounds per week as your max weight loss. If you notice that you are losing more than that and are well into your weight loss adventure, then make some adjustments so that you can be healthier with this thing.

You can read more on this here.

Getting Skinny, The Sequel

weight loss inspiration

Well, if you have been here before, then you might have noticed that this site looks a lot different from the way that it used to. You see, a few years ago, I set up this site as a way to track my progress with a weight loss goal of “getting skinny.” As you might have guessed, I ended up meeting my goal weight and getting right where I wanted to be on the scale.

I managed to stay that new Sara for quite some time. Then, gradually, the pounds started creeping back on. Honestly, I did not really notice it at first. Not for a while actually. It was not until my favorite pants got a bit too snug for comfort that I realized that there was a possibility that I was gaining weight. But, it was also close to time for my period so I tricked myself into thinking that was the culprit as I dug my “fat pants” out of the back of the closet. A size bigger and roomier than my fave pair.

I bet you already know what happened next. Before too long, my fat pants were fitting a bit snug and I convinced myself that I’d shrunk them in the dryer. Dug out another pair of my fat pants that fit and carried on. Long story short, I now at pretty much back where I started. I need to get in control of my weight and start seeing those scary numbers on the scale go down, down, down!

Basically, I have to do all the same work all over again. The cool thing is that I already know that this is a goal that I can achieve. That not so cool thing is that I have to do it all over again and I know that this is some hard work that I have ahead of me.

Well, here’s hoping that the sequel of this journey does not involve a follow-up version in a few years down the road! Now, it’s time to start melting away some pounds so I can get back in my fave skinny jeans!